Mechanical Engineering


Prof. Vivek Patil

B.E. (Mechanical), M.Tech (Mechanical Engg. Design)
HOD,Dept. of Mechanical Engineering
Contact: 9923516661
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Course code:- 4195 16210
Intake:- 120

The Department of Mechanical Engineering (ME) was set up in the academic year 2011-12 with an admission intake of 60 and this intake was increased to 120 in the academic year 2013. The Mechanical Engineering Department at AGPCE has been one of the mainstay departments, active in teaching and research since its inception in 2011. It has well qualified and experienced faculty with innovative teaching methods.

The department has the state of the art Workshop, Mechanical Measurements and Metrology Laboratories for providing Training. In addition to this a well-equipped laboratories in the area of Heat Transfer, Dynamics of Machines, Mechanics of Materials, Computer Aided Design, Energy Conversion-II and Engineering Metallurgy to name a few, giving practical experience to the students. A separate computing facility has been established to carry out project work and design jobs using CREO 3-D modelling software taken up by the department. We run Technical Training in CREO & AUTOCAD for developing soft skills of the students.

The department has developed a Project Development Cell (PDC) for increasing Industry Institute Partnership with aims to establish and explore proper links with various industries all over the country for development of Sponsored Projects. It also aims to work in close coordination with the Industries and organizations for placement and training of the students, to support R&D, to exchange personnel between the Industries and the Institute by organizing guest lecturers from Industrial experts, evaluation of project work and development of curriculum as per industry needs and other academic work in the Institute.

The department has collaboration with Indo German Tool Room, Reliance Power , Dysmech Consultancy Services, Mars EdPal Instruments Pvt. Ltd, Polylab Engineering Equipments Pvt.Ltd , Indorama Synthetics, Mecgale Pneumatics Pvt. Ltd., Barrister Sheshrao Wankhede Shetkari Sahakari Sutgirni Ltd., Purti Power and Sugar Ltd., Tru Form Techno Products Pvt. Ltd., Star Circlips Pvt. Ltd. to provide industrial training, sponsored research project and placement assistance to the student. Campus recruitment training is conducted under training and placement cell of the group.

The department of Mechanical Engineering strives towards the summit of technical and co-curricular domains. Here we have not only set our vision in producing the ambitious engineers but also good citizens.


The standards that are to be applied to the overall development are related to the mission of the Department of Mechanical Engineering, which is to

• Provide an experience that inspires students to reach for the highest level of accomplishment and personal growth throughout their lives;

• Provide an environment that enables students and faculty to make lasting contributions to the advancement of knowledge and the creative practice of engineering;

• Share the fruits of our efforts in order to enhance the public’s understanding of technology and to facilitate its use on behalf of society;

• Create and maintain a diverse, collegial community that recognizes and values the contribution of each individual; and do all the above with integrity.

• The accomplishment of our mission is a shared responsibility of each member of the College community.

The department of Mechanical Engineering is strategically located on the Ground Floor of the College with state of the art Equipments and Technology on display in well equipped labs.

Sr. No. Name of Laboratory List of equipments
1 Energy Conversion-II Lab Multi cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig with Rope Brake Dynamometer for Morse Test, Sectional Working Model of 4 Stroke, 3 Cylinder Diesel Engine, Multi cylinder Petrol Engine Test Rig with Rope Brake Dynamometer for Performance Test, 2 Stage Twin Cylinder Air Compressor.
2 Heat Transfer Lab Drop & Film Condensation Apparatus, Emissivity Measurenment Apparatus, Stefan Boltzman Apparatus.
3 Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Lab Desert Cooler Test Rig, Window Air Conditioner, General Cycle Air Conditioning Tutor.
4 Hydraulic Machines Lab Pelton Wheel Turbine Test Rig, Francis Turbine Test Rig, Kaplan Turbine Test Rig, Reciprocating Type Plunger Pump Test Rig, Centrifugal Pump Test Rig.
5 Mechatronics Lab One Real Time Application Module, PLC Real Time Application Trainer (Pedestrian Traffic Light Control), PLC Real Time Application Trainer (Lift Control System), PLC Real Time Application Trainer (Level Control System), PLC Real Time Application Trainer (Bottle Filling System), PLC Based Real Time Application Trainer (Hydraulic System Based).
6 Dynamic of Machines Lab Motorized Gyroscope Apparatus, Static & Dynamic Balancing Demonstrator, Whirling Of Shaft Demonstrator, Single/ Two Rotor System Torsional Vibrations, Bi-Filar Suspension System, Tri-filar Suspension System, Forced Vibrations set-up
7 Mechanics of Material Lab Impact Testing Machine, Torsion Testing Machine, Hardness Testing Machine, Spring testing Machine, Deflection of beam Apparatus.
8 Machining Processes Lab Lathe Machines, Shaper Machine, Drilling Machine.
9 Manufacturing Process Lab Cupola Furnace (Model), Cupola Furnace (Chart).
10 Machine Drawing Lab Universal Coupling, Oldham’s Coupling, Flexible Coupling, Flange Coupling, Split Muff Coupling, Gib and Cotter Joint, Knuckle Joint, Screw Jack Model, Simple Bearing, Bush Bearing, Plumber Block and Pedestal Bearing, Taper Bearing.
11 CAD/CAM Automation LabEnergy Conversion-III Lab Assembled Desktop Monitor, CREO Software with License of 50 no.’s.
12 Energy Conversion-III Lab Study and Demonstration of Solar Applications, Study and Demonstration of Hydraulic Pumps and Valves, Study and Demonstration of Industrial Hydraulic Circuits, Study and Demonstration of Industrial Pneumatic Circuits.
13 Engineering Metallurgy Lab Monocular Metallurgical Microscope, Cold Moulding Die, Crystal Models, Metallographic Specimen.
14 Mechanical Measurement & Metrology Lab Inductive pick up, LVDT Trainer Kit, Capacitive pick up, Piezo Electric Transducer, RTD Trainer Kit, Tachometer, Stroboscope, Speed Measurement module using Photo Electric Sensor, Optical Flat with 4 Test Surface & Monochromatic Light Auto Collimator Model A-1, Floating Carriage Micrometer, Profile Projector Model PPT-200, Angle Plate, Sine bar.
15 Stress Analysis Lab 12” Diffused Light Poloriscope, Model Cutter, Model Polisher.
Sr. No. Name of Student Company Name Salary Package
1 Raviraj Rathod Suzlon Ltd. 2.4 Lakhs PA
2 Sujit Churhe Abhijay Autoparts Pvt. Ltd. 2.2 Lakhs PA
3 Satish Lambat Abhijay Autoparts Pvt. Ltd. 2.2 Lakhs PA
4 Tushar Walke I Apps 1.2 Lakhs PA
5 Shubham Marate I Apps 1.2 Lakhs PA
6 Praful Gadge I Apps 1.2 Lakhs PA
7 Ganesh Gohate I Apps 1.2 Lakhs PA
8 Nishant Nandeshwar Star Circlipps 2.2 Lakhs PA
Sr. No. Activity Name Dates
1 Felicitation of M. Tech (MED) RTMNU toppers 18.05.2016
2 Farewell to Final Year students of AY 2015-16 09.04.2016
3 National Level Symposium : Technovation – 2016 18/19.03.2016
4 Industrial Visit at Reliance Power 28.09.2015
5 Best from Waste 16.09.2015
6 Industrial Visit at Truform Techno Products Ltd 10.09.2015
7 Industrial Visit at Br. Sheshrao Wankhede Sootgirni 22.08.2015
8 Felicitation of teachers on occasion of Gurupournima 06.08.2015
9 Guest Lecture on Autodesk Fusion-360 05.08.2015
10 Parents Teacher Meet 27.07.2015
11 Installation of Mechanical Forum : ZENITH 22.07.2015
12 National Level Workshop on Aero-modelling & Glider making 13/14.03.2015
13 Guest Lecture on Automotive & Product Design 28.02.2015
14 Industrial Visit to Purti Power & Sugar Ltd.,Nagpur 06.02.2015
15 Industrial Visit to West Midland, Jaguar Land Rover, Service,Nagpur 22.01.2015