Electrical Engineering

Course code:- 4195 29310
Intake:- 120

The department of Electrical Engineering was set up in the year 2010 with an intake capacity of 60 students later on in the year 2012. The department also offers a post-graduate programme in Integrated Power System (IPS) which was set up in 2013 with an intake of 24 students. The department has state-of-art laboratories which makes the students ready to the challenging positions in the career. The students in the department are trained in various technical courses through various value added courses in the campus like PLC-SCADA, Energy Audit, AUTACAD-Electrical, MATLAB etc... For training the students, in this courses, experts from the industry who are well- versed in the latest trends in the industry relevant to the subjects are invited.

The department conducts regular industrial visits for the students in the reputed organizations like NTPC, Reliance, MahaGenco, Mahatrasco, MahaDiscom, State Load Dispatch Centre, HVDC substation, Power Grid, Solar Power Plant to name a few. These visits are arranged as per the requirements in the particular semester, where students get exposure to the practical aspects of the theoretical subjects in their curriculum.

The department has an Energy Club installed under the student’s forum which conducts various activities throughout the year which gives the students to showcase their talent to the outer world. The forum also visits the nearby vicinity to create the awareness about the ‘Energy Conservation” amongst the local personnel and the school going children to develop the attitude of savings of energy right from the early childhood.

The department has a pool of well educated and qualified faculties to give the correct guidance to the students to become not to become a successful engineer but also a good citizen of the country by inculcating discipline and positive attitude towards the society.

To be a key stakeholder in the industry by providing high quality professionals well verged with the skills required in the current environment.


• To give qualified Electrical Engineers with high standards ready for the industry.
• To prepare the professionals ready to cope up with the challenging situations and overcome all the threats to sustain in the industry.
• To make the future leaders in the industry.
• To make the professionals to work world-wide by overcoming all the barriers in the sectors.

The department of Electrical and Engineering is housed in the sophisticated Electrical Engineering block.

Sr. No. Name of Laboratory List of equipments
1 Basic Electrical Engineering Transformer Kit, KVL-KCL Kit, B-H Curve Kit,Superposition Kit etc.
2 Network Analysis Thevenins, Nortons, Maximum Power, Z-Parameter, Tellegens kits
3 Electrical Measurement and Instrumentation All Bridges, PF Measurement, Wattmeter kits etc
4 Electrical Machines DC Machines, Induction Motors, Transformers, MG Set for Synchronisation
5 Electrical Engineering Workshop Wiring Tools, Motors, Induction, UPS, etc
6 Power Electronics Rectifier kit, UJT, Gate Triggering kit, Choppers, inverter kit etc
7 Control Systems Compensators, PLC Setup, Stepper Motor Control etc
8 High Voltage Engineering Impulse Generator, Sphere Gap, Horn Gap, Transformer Oil Testing kit etc
9 Switch Gear and Protection IDMT Relay, Reverse Current Relay, CT Setup, Buccholz Relay etc..
10 Computers Applications in Power Systems MATLAB, E-TAP Software and setup of 25 computers
11 Advanced Electrical Drives DC Drives, AC Drives etc
Sr. No. Name of Student Company Name Salary Package
1 Manoj Yadav Triangle Tele Pvt Ltd Indore 7.8 LPA
2 Gunvant Rathod Triangle Tele Pvt Ltd Indore 7.8 LPA
3 Ved Prakash Budhe Triangle Tele Pvt Ltd Indore 7.8 LPA
4 Pravin Gawande Triangle Tele Pvt Ltd Indore 7.8 LPA
5 Chetna Gabhane UCN Nagpur 3.6 LPA
6 Sandhya Zade UCN Nagpur Nagpur 3.6 LPA
7 Nitin Awdhane UCN Nagpur 3.6 LPA
8 Sapna Kohade UCN Nagpur 3.6 LPA
9 Shubham Kale UCN Nagpur 3.6 LPA
10 Akshay Tayade UCN Nagpur 3.6 LPA
11 Ashvini Pande UCN Nagpur 3.6 LPA
12 Ashutosh Rangari Victory Terminal Financial Services 3.68 LPA
13 Nitin Awadhane Victory Terminal Financial Services 3.68 LPA
14 Swapnil Mogre Victory Terminal Financial Services 3.68 LPA
15 Ashish Nagrale Victory Terminal Financial Services 3.68 LPA
Sr. No. Activity Name Dates
1 Guest Lecture on “GATE” by Mr.Ram Babu, Director of Network Hub, GATE trainer, Hyderabad August 04,2018
2 Forum Installation August 04,2018
3 Guest lecture on “EDS” by Mr,Swapnil Udapurkar,Livewire,Nagpur August 23,2018
4 Teachers Day Celebration September 6,2018
5 Engineers Day September 15,2018
6 Industrial Visit to CSTPS, Chandrapur September 23, 2018
7 Industrial visit to BSWSSSM, Nagpur September 27, 2018
8 Guest Lecture On “HVE” By Dr. Arora, RCOEM Nagpur September 27, 2018
9 Parents Teachers Meet September 29,2018
10 Guest lecture on “Electrical Machine-II” for 5 Days by Mr. Praful Kothe September 30, 2018
11 Guest lecture on “Electrical Machine Design” for 5 Days by Mr. Praful Kothe October 5, 2018