General Engineering


Dr. Rashmi Joshi

(HOD, Dept. of General Engineering)
Contact No.:- 88888 23540

Abha Gaikwad-Patil College of Engineering Constantly strives to meet the expectations of student who step into its corridors, with the aspiration to become the technocrats the world wants. The First year focuses on sound grounding in the basics of sciences and humanities, with emphasis on application based knowledge. Apart from Faculty members who are always ready to help, senior student who have excelled in academics take up the role of mentors and academics advisors. The Department of General Engineeringwas set up in the year 2009 with an admission of 520, the point of giving comprehensive innovation instruction to Students and accordingly making mindful graduates who might add to the improvement of their families, society and country.


The objective is to impart value based quality education by combining academics with exposure to industry. With this view in mind it provides state-of-the art infrastructure facilities & academic resources to its students.


• Creating Excellent Human Resources
• Enhancing Technology Transfer
• Maintain Techno Social Excellence
• Promoting Global Competency
Sr. No. Name of Faculty Qualification Designation
1 Dr. Rashmi Joshi PhD, M.Sc. (Chemistry) Assistant Professor
2 Ms. Preeti Kakde M.Sc. (Chemistry) Assistant Professor
3 Mr. Dayal Roy M.Sc. (Phy) Assistant Professor
4 Mr. Rajan Mankar M.Sc. (Phy) Assistant Professor
5 Mr. Santosh Singh M.Sc. (Maths) Assistant Professor
6 Ms. Manjushree Muley M.Sc. (Maths) Assistant Professor
7 Mr. Kapil Raut (B.E.) Civil Assistant Professor
8 Ms. S. Reddy M.Sc. (Maths) Assistant Professor
9 Ms. Rajkumari Singh M.Sc. (Maths) Assistant Professor
10 Ms. Sneha Atkar M.A. Engilish Assistant Professor
11 Mr. Sudhir Govardhan M.A. Engilish Assistant Professor
12 Ms.Anuradha Gaikwad M.E. Assistant Professor
13 Ms. Poonam Wankhade M.Tech Assistant Professor
14 Mr. Abhay Rewatkar M.E Assistant Professor
15 Mr. Ketan Chandekar M.Tech Assistant Professor
16 Ms. Pooja Chimurkar M.Tech Assistant Professor
17 Mr. Rahul Khobargade M.Tech Assistant Professor
18 Mr. Rajesh Motgare M.Tech Assistant Professor
19 Mr. Hemant Nikhare M.Tech Assistant Professor
20 Ms. Diksha Rahangdale B.E. Assistant Professor
Sr. No. Name of laboratory Apparatus
1 Chemistry 1. Abel’s apparatus closed cap
2. Pensky Martens apparatus closed cap
3. Clevlands apparatus closed cap
4. Redwood Viscometer No.1.
5. Redwood Viscometer No.2.
6. Hot Air Oven
7. Muffle furnace
8. Chemical Balance
9. Digital Ph Meter
10.Heating Mantle
11.Orsat Gas Apparatus
2 Physics 1.Newton Ring Apparatus Complete Set up
3.Optical Fiber Kit
4.Lader Diode Kit
5.Semiconductor Kit
6.Half Wave Full Rectifier Kit
7.Function Generator
8.Air Wedge Set Omega
9.Wooden Box With Four Slit For Sodium Vapour Lamp
10.Transistor in CB/CE Mode
11.Cathode Ray Oscilloscope
3 Engineering Mechanics 1.Flywheel
2.Single purchase Crab
3.Double Purchase Crab
4.Shear Legs
5.Defleaction of Beam
6.Plane Friction Apparatus
7. Coil Friction Apparatus